Growing Sustainably Every Day – Our Sustainability Strategy, From Field to Fork

Our group objective is to implement our strategy at pace, from field to fork, between now and 2030. Our field to fork approach guides our actions, focusing on the areas where we will have the most impact. This approach allows us to present the customer with propositions that allow them to live more sustainably in their daily lives, so we can all work together on growing sustainably every day. We shape our work around three pillars, Caring for the planet, Creating vibrant communities and Sourcing for good.


Below are some of our key commitments and targets in each of our strategy pillars:

Caring for the Planet

Net Zero in our own operations by 2040 and value chain by 2050

100% of our own-brand packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable

Eliminate unnecessary plastic packaging

Halve food waste in our operations by 2030

Protecting and enhancing biodiversity

Creating Vibrant Communities

Grow local community volunteers by 100% to 60,000

Achieve 50:50 gender split in our high potential talent pool

Year on year growth in sales of healthy foods

Total number of meals redistributed to local charity and community groups

Sourcing for Good

100% of our own-brand and fresh produce will be sourced in line with our ethical trade policy

100% of our fresh beef, lamb, dairy (milk), pork, poultry, eggs and fish sourced from an independent sustainability standard

Number of strategic sustainability projects running with our own-brand suppliers

This collaborative approach to tackling sustainability aims to unite producers, customers, and local communities, fostering a collective commitment to sustainability. We believe that together, we can drive positive change by embracing renewable energy, responsible consumption and production, and a greener future—for ourselves, our communities, and the planet.